German female voice over talent Miriam Molitor & her services

I am happy to present my voice to you on this website.

As a professional spokeswoman I lend my voice to countless clients around the world for audio and visual media.

My voice ranges from young and fresh to mature and warm. Your message is of course always the focus of the job and I can adjust my voice for each different role.

My clients like to book me for the following voice productions: Advertisements for radio and TV, image and product videos, explanation videos, dubbing, voice-over,

phone announcements in German and English, e-learning modules, off-camera voice, audiobooks, child’s voice, and multimedia projects of any kind.

If you are looking for a professional voice, go ahead and convince yourself of the diverse quality of my voice. I will make your texts come to life.

You can listen to some selected demos of different styles and timbres from the most common production areas.

Have fun listening to them!

Your female German voice over talent Miriam Molitor


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Why my voice?

I offer my clients individual consulting and, of course, my diverse yet very unique voice. You have the choice of young and dynamic or a more mature voice. I will work closely with you to make your ideas reality. And I can also record your contents in German or English.

For over 15 years I have been working for my international clients on voice productions for audio and visual media. My clients appreciate my service, shown by a few of the reviews.

I started in 1996 as a vocalist with my first productions and have been training my voice with live acts and productions ever since.

My clients are from all over the world and from very different fields and industries, which you can see in the more than 1000 client reviews.


  • Individual consulting
  • Script demo for free
  • Offer within 2 hours
  • customer-oriented prices
  • Expertise in speaking and singing
  • 12 – 48 hours delivery service
  • Own studio with Codec (Aptx, ipDTL etc.)
  • Direction about voice over ip / Internet
  • Business hours from 9 am – 9 pm
  • Customer support 7 days / week

My Philosophy

German Voice Talent Miriam Molitor

My services as a professional spokeswoman and vocalist offer my clients security in planning their projects. That includes consulting, flexibility and individual price structuring on my part.

These factors make up the core of my services at ‚take a nice voice‘ advertisement productions. For me, customer satisfaction always takes priority and humaneness can never get lost in the process.

Mathey, Fantastik Media ***** (5 stars) 2018
Miriam is the perfect German voice over talent and always available for my Radio & TV commercials. I am always happy with her and I also often use the voice pool with more than 1000 Native voice talents, also childs from all over the world. Thanks for all  😉

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Welslau, Music Message AG ***** (5 stars) 2018
Outstanding experience! Many thanks for this excellent production and delivery service. We are always surprised how quickly and professionally Miriam handled our requests. We will of course book you regularly! Also a great service with the international voice pool with more than 1000 voice over talents in more than 40 languages! We are suprised than Miriam can offer also many child voice over kids. We would always stay at Miriam again.

Hoffmann, Midi-Music-Studio ***** (5 stars) 2018
Brilliant Service, just-in-time, absolutely reliable and therefore only recommendable! We are very happy to work with Miriam and are already looking forward to the next year! Kind regards from the Midi-Music-Studio

MKL Studios ***** (5 stars) 2018

A clear, expressive and sensitive voice with a professional environment, fast and high-quality production. We are absolutely satisfied.

Winter, audiomarketeers ***** (5 stars) 2019
We, the audiomarketeers, have been working successfully with Miriam for several years now. Your always professional and superfast implementations, including our customers, we always appreciate very much. We are therefore already looking forward to many more joint projects with you and therefore always recommend them to our customers.

Besthorn, Toneart ***** (5 stars) 2019

Professional voice and casting agency, which delivers the perfect voiceover for the required product within a very short time! In addition, with in-house spokeswoman Miriam has an experienced and professional voice for a variety of productions at hand! Warmly recommended !!

Innova Max GmbH, Böhlke ***** (5 stars) 2019

Super professional service provider. Fast processing and excellent service. Always happy.

audiobits ***** (5 stars) 2019

Miriam is THE advertising voice that goes in the ear! And if you need a different voice, you can count on it to provide the right speakers to fit the budget.

Gattinger, Gat Media GmbH ***** (4 stars) 2019

It’s always fun to produce great radio spots with Miriam’s voice … and if she has to go fast again, she is usually there.

Gees, Vox Marketing GmbH ***** (5 stars) 2019

Very friendly, sympathetic and professional in the consultation and efficient in the implementation. Always my pleasure

Dürr, Presentando ***** (5 stars) 2019

So far, we’ve done 4 projects for explainer films with Miriam and once with one of your Bavarian speakers and have always been very satisfied.

Ranaan, Voicecrafters ***** (5 stars) 2019
We have worked with Miriam for some years now and she is a pleasure to work with! Her voice is beautiful! Delivery for all our German voice over projects is always professional and the sound quality is top-notch! I highly recommend working with Miriam!

Bay, Speakonline ***** (5 stars) 2019
We have worked with Miriam for some years now and she is a pleasure to work with! Her voice is beautiful! Delivery for all our German voice over projects is always professional and the sound quality is top-notch! I highly recommend working with Miriam! Very reliable provider of Voice over services and Miriam Molitor has my warmest recommendation.

Kunke, Kunke GmbH ***** (5 stars) 2019
I always enjoy working with Miriam. The contact was fast and reliable right from the start. She has a great changeable voice and has responded to our requests professionally. Only recommended. Super.

Frank, Studio Make ***** (5 stars) 2019
Miriam offers a great and fast service with every production. Always a pleasure to work with 😉