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Are you looking for an e-learning voice-over talent for your e-learning projects?

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Convince yourself of my service in the area of e-learning voice-over productions.

In the area of e-learning voice-over productions, I can rely on my experience of over a decade. With my versatile linguistic style as e-learning voice-over talent, I’m certain that I can adjust to your specific and individual voice needs, e-learning modules, and project needs!

For my clients from all around the world, I usually do e-learning voice-overs for the medical, pharmaceutical, and technical industry sectors. For a first impression of my voice, you can go ahead and listen to a few of my demos, in which I lend my voice to e-learning modules.

If the timbre of my voice doesn’t match your criteria, you are welcome to choose a different e-learning voice-over with a voice that better matches your project. For more information about different female or male e-learning voice-over talents click here!

Looking for a female or male e-learning voice-over?

E-learning voice-over talents provided by ‘take a nice voice’ advertisement productions. I offer my costumers individual e-learning voice-overs for a customer-oriented price.

To find the right voice-over artist for your e-learning project can be difficult at times. I will find the right voice-over for your planned project modules or individual voice-over needs.

For my customers, I create individual e-learning concepts according to their specifications and ideas. If you are only looking for suitable voice-over or a German voice-over talent for your e-learning concepts, you came to the right place as well. I’ve been working with experienced e-learning voice-over artists for years and they have done countless voice-over productions and spoke parts in e-learning videos. You can either choose the voice-over artist, that you are looking for, yourself from my pool of over 1000 voice-over talents or I find you the perfect fit for your specific project.

e-learning voice-over artists for your e-learning solutions!

When it comes to e-learning productions I can rely on my years of experience. Your planned e-learning instructional video or e-learning module most likely needs an extravagant advertising voice. I am the right person to talk to concerning the topic of e-learning voice-overs in more than 30 languages. Here are some languages you can choose from:


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German e-learning voice- over artist, German female e-learning voice over artist, German e-learning voice over child

English e-learning voice- over artist, English female e-learning voice over artist, English e-learning voice over child

French e-learning voice- over talent, French female e-learning voice over talent, French e-learning voice over child

Spanish e-learning voice- over talent, Spanish female e-learning voice over talent, Spanish e-learning voice over child


You can find a female or male e-learning voice-over talent (in over 30 languages) for your future projects or individual voice parts here!