German dubbing voice Miriam Molitor wanted? I speak your dubbed productions for yours

Sync Projects!

Are you looking for a professional dubbing voice for your films or multimedia projects?

I offer you my professional German dubbing voice for your planned voice productions

as a voice actress!

Convince yourself of my German dubbing voice and take a look at some

Synchronized videos of me. I would look forward to your next one too

Dubbing project to be allowed to participate as a voice over talent! I as a professional German

Voice actress lends to the actors of foreign film and television productions

and cartoon characters like my multi-faceted voice. Take a listen to this

some demos from me!

Just drop me an email or just contact me directly and we

find a common price solution for your dubbed production. Her

dubbing Voice actress Miriam Molitor

voice actress wanted? How can I become a voice actor?

Most voice actors in Germany are usually actors, freelancers

or singers and mostly work as dubbing voices for dubbing studios or recording studios.

But how can I become a dubbing artist or something

distinguishes a good dubbing voice?

Voice actors usually lend their voice to foreign-language films in order to translate them into the

to transport your mother tongue!

Flexibility is very important as a voice actor. Then

Voice actors don’t have long to get into the role because in the

As a rule, the language productions often run in parallel!

The dubbing voice Miriam Molitor is your voice actress for the

next film or multimedia project!

With more than 15 years of experience as a dubbing voice, I would be happy to speak for your films or

advertising messages. Decades of experience and competence as multifaceted

Dubbing voice have trained my direct presence as a dubbing actress.

Convince yourself of my flexible and changeable advertising voice

voice actress. I would be happy to speak to you about some demos of your desired

synchronous project. Listen to some samples as a voice actress!

I am also happy to work for you with my German dubbing voice!

Thank you for your inquiry and have a nice day, your voice over talent

Miriam Molitor.