Looking for a voice actor or speaker for advertisements?

Professional advertising voices and native speakers available

Recognisable advertisement voice: Miriam Molitor

Are you looking for a unique voice to advertise your product or for your next voice-over project? Nothing is more effective than an individual male or female voice from ‘take a nice voice advertisement productions’. For more than ten years, Miriam Molitor has been very popular for her unique talents as a flexible voice-over artist with individual customer service.

If you are looking for a reputable advertisement voice for your vocal or voice productions, with Miriam Molitor you have found the ideal person to talk about your project.

Convince yourself of Miriam Molitor’s versatile advertisement voice.

I would like to record your image videos, radio and TV spots as your advertising voice. If you require a short layout demo in advance, that is no problem at all.

As professional advertising voice-over, I offer my customers an unmistakable, perfect service. I am looking forward to your inquiry!

Looking for an advertisement voice actor or speaker?

An illustrious advertising voice with a high recognition value records your advertisements. May it bee TV, cinema, radio, or Internet ads, you will find the right female, male, or even child’s advertisement voice her at take a nice voice advertisement productions.

A professional voice from take a nice voice advertisement productions will always be your best choice. Whether professional advertisement voice for radio, movie, or TV, you search will come to a successful ending at www.sprechen-und-singen.de. Book your individual advertisement voice for professional voice or vocal recordings with me.

You can also turn to me, if you need an experienced writer for your advertisements. If you need your message translated into a different language (from English to German or French), I will pass it on to our translators. On request, we will also offer you a voice-over artist in German or many other languages. Convince yourself by clicking on our artists’ audio samples in our speaker pool. In our own recording studio with up-to-date technology, we will quickly produce your recording in top quality!

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Looking for a voice-over? We record your movie and TV productions

Thanks to ISDN-Codec Mayah C1161 and APT-x / Aptx, our male and female advertisement voice-over artists are available anywhere in the world even live and in real time with Skype, Source Connect, Session Link, or IPDTL. You will receive your audio files in your desired format such as mp3 or wav. We also send you the production files via e-mail or on a CD by mail – as you wish! If you need a voice-over artist with a transmission codec, we will make that happen for you. And of course it is also possible to download the produced recording from your requested voice from our FTP-servers.

We want to convince our customers with the best quality, fast service, and great rates in the advertisement voice sector. Take your time to look through our extensive range of services and choose the best female or male voice-over artist for your next project.

Benefit from my comprehensive service and visit the voice-over selection!

Become an advertisement voice talent to record advertisements

A voice for advertisements has a certain effect on potential future customers. An advertisement voice-over artist shouldn’t only convey the advertisement’s main message in a credible way, but also hit the right style and tone!

Earn money with your voice? That is not that easy because you need to gain some experience with your voice. There is many ways to experiment as an advertisement voice, without necessarily having to pay for it.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to go down the path of a professional advertising voice-over artist, because a lot relies on the timbre of your voice. Your voice has to have an individual sound and needs to be unmistakable to reach the audience.

Many people will recognise your voice but not your face. Actors can use their entire body to express emotions. Because of that experience, dubbing actors and voice-over artists are also very often actors.

In general, advertisement voices are needed for radio and TV spots, cinema commercials, phone announcements, image and product videos, e-learning, audiobooks, or for dubbing purposes.

I am happy to advise you in this area, if you want to become a voice-over artist for the advertising sector. I am constantly looking for new voice-over talents for international projects.

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