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You want to book an experienced German female voice over talent?

I offer you excellent voice-over services as a professional voice-over artist in connection with customer-oriented prices and a fast delivery! No matter what you are looking for, a professional voice-over artist, a live voice, or a speaker for a voice recording, you can always trust in my professional voice over services.

Beyond that, you can also book me as vocalist or vocal coach. For more than ten years, I have been working as voice-over artist and vocalist and I am happy to help you when you are looking for an individual voice-over artist!


Have you ever looked for a professional female voice-over artist or female audiobook narrator?

Place extra emphasis on your search for the right advertisement voice for your next project. When you are looking for a quality voice-over, make use of the unique voice of Miriam Molitor. Thanks to ISDN-codec, APT-x / Aptx, Skype, and other ways of transmission, I can be your next voice-over anywhere in the world. This transmission allows for a fast production. I am happy to record your individual audiobook as your narrator. To find an experienced audiobook narrator is not as easy as it may seem. A good narrator does not only need talent, but experience and the perfect manner of speaking. The right narrator can really communicate the main ideas of a book by recording it as an audiobook. A narrator’s experience and expertise play a key role in making an audiobook a true success.


Miriam Molitor: When you are looking for a German voice-over talent with individual service!

As owner of ‘take a nice voice advertisement productions’, I can offer you unique service that is not very common in the sector of voice recordings. The service includes very fast production times of 12 – 48 hours, individual consulting, as well as customer-oriented price structuring. Combine top-notch technology with the same level of quality and build a bridge between voice quality and service!

In case you might not be completely satisfied with the style or quality of the product that I deliver as a female voice-over, you will receive an immediate adjustment. For me, the customer always comes first, which means for me, as a German female voice over talent, that I will always try to deliver you the best possible service.


Looking for a female voice-over artist with studio? I’m immediately available!

Many production companies need the right voice-over with very short notice. If you need a unique female or male voice-over artist, you should turn to Miriam Molitor from take a nice voice advertisement productions. I have realized countless voice productions and would like to also make your project come to life. Typing ‚female voice-over needed‘ into a search engine will produce ‚Miriam Molitor, also known as Petra Porta‘ as one of the top results. That speaks for the quality of my services.

Choose ‘take a nice voice advertisement productions’, if you are looking for an experienced German female voice artist or a reputable male voice-over artist with a sonorous voice. Thanks to certain algorithms, I’m available in real time all over the world. The algorithms of our transmission codex are: G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3, AAC (MPEG-2), AAC (MPEG-4), MPEG4 HE AACv2, AAC ELD, Linear (16-24 bit), and DAT (linear 12 bit).

In addition, you can choose other experienced, male voice-over artists as well as child voice-over actors from my speaker pool. These artists will produce your projects within 12 – 72 hours. Select the perfect voice from my speaker pool and send your inquiry via e-mail or call me directly. If you are looking for an adept speaker, then you have come to the right place for the planning and implementation of your voice project. You can find the full contact information for ‘take a nice voice advertisement productions’ in the ‚Contact‘ section as well as in the imprint.

For further questions, you can personally contact me Monday to Sunday between 9am and 7pm.