Book voice-overs and dubbing actors for your advertisements!

Voice-overs, advertisement voices, and off-voices immediately available!

Are you looking for a professional voice for your advertisement?

I am happy to assist you and offer you a free individual casting of speakers.

Our database of voices includes over 1000 professional speakers in over 30 languages.

With over 5000 audio samples from 5 segments and uniform voice demos, you will definitely find the right voice for your project. All speakers are usually available right away and will deliver your desired voice production within 12 – 72 hours, depending on the agreement!

We check every voice-over artist is checked for quality and professionalism ourselves!

Get to the speaker selection here!


Book a dubbing actor!

Looking for a professional dubbing actor?

Voice recordings in perfect quality from the in-house studio. Book now!

You can listen to voice samples from many different areas such as instructional videos, advertisements for TV and radio, e-learning, and phone announcements here!

Booking voice-over artists and dubbing actors anywhere in the world made easy!

Quality for over 10 years. Many professional native speakers on file, ready to be booked!


Find a male voice for advertisements and instructional videos!

Finding a speaker for advertisements or instructional videos can often turn out to be a lengthy undertaking.

That fact made me set a goal about ten years ago. I don’t just offer my own voice for your projects, but you can also receive access to a large database where you can find the voice you desire. May it be a voice-over for advertisements, e-learning modules, phone announcements, or a professional speaker for an instructional video.

To make instructional videos come to life, you will need a meaningful and unique voice. That is why you have to consider different criteria when selecting the right voice. I would be pleased to inform you about these in a personal conversation.

All my voice-over artists have years of experience in the scientifically researched ‚explain-it‘ linguistic style. Learn more now!


Are you looking for the perfect male voice for an e-learning project?

E-learning voice-over artists are often sought out, when companies need a complex training video produced.

These videos come with very different parts that should be recorded by an experienced e-learning voice-over!

E-learning voice-over artists and e-learning modules require a high amount of expertise to realize it perfectly.

I am very happy to assist you with this challenge by providing my e-learning voices. You will receive professional e-learning voices at individual rates.

If you are interested in more information about professional e-learning voices, you can contact me or find more information here!


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