Dubbing actress Miriam Molitor with a memorable voice for your dubbing projects!

You are looking for an experienced dubbing actress for your individual video project?

I offer you my professional voice for your future dubbing projects!

Convince yourself of my diverse dubbing voice and listen to a few of my demos or videos. I would love to be a part of your next project. As a dubbing actress, I love to lend my voice to actors of foreign movie and TV productions as well as animated characters. Listen to a few of my demos!

Send me an e-mail or contact me directly and together we will find a solution for your next project. Your dubbing actress Miriam Molitor

How do I become a dubbing actress or actor?

Most dubbing actors and actresses in Germany usually work as freelancers for different studios in different locations. But how can I become a dubbing actress myself and what are the characteristics of a good dubbing actor?!

In most cases it’s actual, well-known actors who use their voices to transport movies of foreign languages into their native language and help market them.

Dubbing actors or actresses also need to be flexible to a certain degree, because they don’t have a lot of time to get used to a role, with productions running parallel.

Dubbing artist Miriam Molitor is your dubbing voice for your next film project!

I’m happy to lend your next movie or advertisement my professional dubbing voice. Years of experience and expertise have trained my presence as a dubbing actress.

Convince yourself of my flexible and variable dubbing voice. I’m happy to send you a few demos concerning your project before you make a decision. First, listen to a few of my demos as dubbing actress!

I would be very happy to lend your next movie or advertisement project my dubbing voice!

Thank you for your inquiry and thank you from your next dubbing actress Miriam Molitor.